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Inclusive Speech & Language Services, LLC is a private speech-language therapy company that provides home-based and community-centered services within the Chicagoland area and neighboring suburbs. I strive to ensure that speech and language services are accessible to children of all cultural backgrounds.  

Ator Dinkha

Speech-Language Pathologist | Founder

My name is Ator Dinkha and I hold national certification with the American Speech and Hearing Association, ASHA. I started Inclusive Speech & Language Services, LLC in 2019 with the dedication to improve children’s communication through tailored and accessible therapy to children and adolescents with communication difficulties. I also specialize in the Assyrian language.

At ISLS, I strive to be culturally competent and aim to ensure through comprehensive assessment and differential diagnosis that your child’s speech/language delays are not the result of speaking a second language, but are due to an underlying delay or disorder, irrespective of any second languages spoken. Evidence-based practices are used to deliver quality services with compassion and care to every child’s unique needs.

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Thank you for your interest in Inclusive Speech & Language Services, LLC. We provide speech and language therapy services from the comfort of your home. Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you have, to arrange a consultation.

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