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Chicago Pediatric Speech Therapy

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Welcome to Inclusive Speech & Language Services, LLC.  My name is Ator Dinkha and I am an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist servicing children from birth through high-school who have communication needs in the areas of articulation, receptive, and expressive language disorders. 


I provide pediatric speech therapy services directly in the comfort of your home or within community-based settings.  My mission is to include parents in every step of the process.  My approach is delivered with compassion and is reflective of the unique needs of the families I serve.

Why ISL Therapy

Why choose Inclusive Speech Therapy & Services as your pediatric Chicago speech therapy


We offer individual speech-language treatment sessions in your home or community. Sessions range from 30 minutes to 45 minutes with some time allocated at the end to recap the strategies and goals as well as answer any of your questions.


We use new and engaging iPad apps to target treatment goals, promote carryover of skills that are motivating and beneficial to the individual we work with.


We conduct comprehensive speech and language evaluations to determine your child’s current speech and language skills as well as areas of growth.

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